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RoAb #141 - The DRAWN Out Episode

“Top Gear” talent Jeremy Clarkson is related to the late Julia Child and we have proof!  The Cadillac XTS lineup is multiplying like yeast cell in sugar water.  And our contestants introduce a brand-new segment that put their artistic skills to the test!

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Featuring: Michelle Naranjo, Colin Bird, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

With additional research and assistance from: Mark Malonzo

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And now, we present to you an all-new game! In WIN, LOSE OR DRIVE we see just how helpless auto journalists would be if they all had to communicate with pictographs. For each round, one of us on the panel will choose a challenge at random from one of eight categories -- more on that later -- and, without revealing the challenge selected, we will attempt to illustrate the concept and get the others to correctly guess in under a minute. Both the artist and the correct guesser get a point for each round.

Now, the categories. We have eight categories we can choose from:

Make and Model - illustrate a car name.
Parts Bin - car parts and components.
Segmentation without Representation - depict a car segment or type of car including slang for kinds of vehicles.
By Design - design terms
Fill ‘er Up - illustrate alternative and not-so-alternative modes of propulsion
Traffic School - draw driving concepts, things seen on the road traffic violations
You’re It! - depict a famous or forgotten automotive tagline
Who’s Who - this one is an expert-level category and each correct answer is worth a whopping two points! Try to draw famous automotive personalities … Ben dares you...

Two very special guests enter the progrum and only one leaves.  What, and more importantly WHO am I talking about?  Stick around to find out . . .

RoundAbout Episode 141

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