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RoAb #130 - Throw Yourself in a Crick and Report Yourself Missing

A father in New Jersey gets ticketed for saving his son’s life.  The RoAb Action News Problem Fixer-Uppers are on the case, fighting for justice!  We list off the most threatened and endangered automobiles on the planet AND our illustrious panelists play another round of VERSUS, the game that makes foes of friends and competitors out of confidants.

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Featuring: Dave Foley, Josh Lewis, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes

This New Jersey Dad Was Ticketed For Saving His Son|
Talk about adding insult to injury.  A father in New Jersey was actually ticketed by the police for saving his son’s life!  And just to kick him while he was down, he was cited TWICE -- one for failure to set the parking brake and another for failure to show proof of insurance.  Here’s what went down: The man-in-question had just taught his 5-year-old kiddie how to unbuckle his own seatbelt.  The two were headed to the park and had just pulled up when the boy freed himself and made a beeline for a nearby 35-foot-high river embankment!  The father did what any other sober, responsible parent would do: give chase!  He snagged the toddler just before he reached the edge of the cliff.  In the meantime the he Jeep rolled into the river! . . . DOWN BY THE RIVER!  

Hagerty puts out its Top Threatened, Endangered, and Extinct Lists
Hagerty, the classic car insurance company, HAS created a thoughtful list of cars that are endangered species here in America. The WWF can have their Polar Bear fund raisers, and the conservationists can have their ‘save the rainforest’ bumper stickers, but what about us car folk? Contrary to popular/stupid modern belief, cars are not what’s killing off the world. So why can’t we save a few?
The list includes cars in the threatened, endangered and extinct categories. Get out your 40s of OE, because it’s time to pour a little out for our soon to be lost homies, which include:

  1. 1975-1980 Chevrolet Monza
  2. 1963-1966 Studebaker Wagonaire
  3. 1971-1974 BMW Bavaria
  4. 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
  5. 1971-1977 Toyota Celica


  1. 1971-1976 Mercury Capri
  2. 1971-1972 Mazda RX2
  3. 1975-1981 Volkswagen Scirocco
  4. 1979-1981 Toyota Supra
  5. 1971 Plymouth Cricket
  6. 1981-1985 Chevrolet Citation X-11 - Thank God


  1. 1980 Dodge St Regis
  2. 1986-1986 Chrysler Laser XE
  3. 19871 Renault/AMC Alliance Convertible
  4. 1983-1986 Isuzu Impulse

Idiot Uses A Match To Look Inside Gas Tank
This is a story of Dumb being saved by Clumsy.  This video came to us via Autoholics/CarDomain, and shows a man with obviously little believe in simple mechanical devices.  Unfortunately this video comes with little description, but we can pretty much figure it out anyways.

A man is shown on security camera fueling his car.  It would be safe to assume that the filler nozzle has clicked off telling him that his car is full.  Apparently he doesn’t believe it and proceeds to visually check to see for himself.  As it is night time, he feels the need to flick his Bic, and use the lighter to illuminate the filler neck.

Of course the gasoline fumes catch fire, and he drops the filler nozzle which also starts to burn.

A sort of quick moving gas station attendant comes out to give some help and after fighting with the mechanism, finally powers up the huge fire extinguisher by the pumps.  Unfortunately when he does get it going, he doesn’t quite have a good enough grip on the hose.

This causes the hose to whip around like a rattlesnake on Crack, and spray extinguisher powder into a massive cloud that is probably 20 feet in diameter.  The attendant finally gets the nozzle back in control, and finishes the job and puts the fire out.

The luckiest part of the whole thing is that when the idiot with the lighter first drops the filler hose, at least he didn’t have the nozzle locked so it would continue to pump fuel.

Building Porsches in the ‘60s
We’ve all seen video of moving assembly lines.  Whether it’s a Model T rolling through the Rouge or a current vehicle being put together in a clean, brightly lit factory, the process of building a car is truly amazing.  But it can be little blase in this day and age, along with manufacturing in general in the United States.  Well, we’ve unearthed some pretty amazing video from the 1960s showing early Porsches being assembled, and we bet you’ve never seen it before!  The level of craftsmanship that goes into each car is amazing -- from spot welds, to metal finishing to inspections, just about everything was done by hand . . .

Click It or Ticket Campaign Out To Catch Fakers
Beware, law breakers, your run of not wearing your seatbelt is about to come to an end! Why? Bc the coppers are lookin’ for ya, see? Mrah... NHTSA have come to a shocking realization that people don’t wear their safety belts, and now they’re trying to catch those faking wearing a seatbelt, such as, but not limited to, just putting the front side over your shoulder. FAKER!

In an attempt to curb your not wanting to wear a safety belt for whatever reason, NHTSA have provided a list of myths and facts to show you how much of an idiot you really are. A few for example:

The Myth: If your car has airbags, you don't need to use a seat belt.

The Real Deal: Airbags are designed to protect a buckled occupant. When a passenger is unbuckled, airbags become less effective or worse they can become deadly themselves.

The Myth: Just being in a pickup truck makes you safer than everyone else.

The Real Deal: For SUV, pickup and van occupants, seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 60%.

And my personal favorite:

The Myth: It's not as essential for guys to wear seat belts; they're much better drivers.

The Real Deal: Young men are most at risk. Among passenger vehicle occupants, men ages 18 to 34, who were killed in fatal crashes, 66% were not buckled. That's the highest of any age group.

Hooniverse Wagon Wednesday – Volvo 900-series Hearse
Safety is important to all of us.  It could even be important to the recently deceased.

Hooniverse has found a Volvo V90 (or for Canadians, that’s the 960 wagon)  for sale that has been converted for Hearse duty.  It’s a medium gray monster with its extended wheelbase, a raised roof, and extra length behind the rear wheels.

It features a mound on both front fenders designed for inserting your country’s flag, or maybe one of your favorite football team.  Whatever works for you.

It also has huge glass panels on the sides of the rear area for those that want to show off to their friends for the last time. “Hey guys!!  Check out the awesome casket I’m in!  Isn’t is SA - WEET?”

Although safety has been a long-standing feature of Volvo’s for many years, I doubt the rear area of this car has anything like side curtain air bags.  I’m betting it’s more of a charge deployed “Cloud”, to lift you out of the accident area, and carry you all the way to heaven… Ahhhh…..

If you think you are deceased, and think you like safety, then this is clearly the car for you!!

Slammed Acura TSX Sparks up the Highway
The Import tuning community are kinda dumb, let’s be honest. I saw an ‘04 era Honda Accord Coupe yesterday that was so slammed to the ground the guy hit a bump and I thought the wheels were going to go flying off. He also had a lot of toe-in on the rear wheels, like a lot of modified Japanese cars. The driver of the car in this news story, though, has his Acura TSX so damn low that he doesn’t just rub a little when driving, he full on scrapes the ground when he’s driving. He’s even made a video in an attempt to get people to see how cool he is. It’s cool to spend tens of thousands of dollars buying and modifying a nice car to only have it get chewed up and charred by the pavement as you drive it? Am I missing something here. And here I thought VW drivers were the only idiots to drop their cars this low.



Tire Pressure At Fault In 5 Percent Of Accidents



Apple Board Member: Steve Jobs' dream was to design iCar



Vehicle No. 1

Vehicle No. 2

Vehicle No. 3

Vehicle No. 4

Vehicle No. 5


RoundAbout Episode 130

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    RoAb #130 - Throw Yourself in a Crick and Report Yourself Missing - Home - RoundAbout: Car Culture and Auto News with a Different Spin
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    RoAb #130 - Throw Yourself in a Crick and Report Yourself Missing - Home - RoundAbout: Car Culture and Auto News with a Different Spin
  • Response
    RoAb #130 - Throw Yourself in a Crick and Report Yourself Missing - Home - RoundAbout: Car Culture and Auto News with a Different Spin

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