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RoAb #128 - I'll have a "Bacon and Losing Things"

This week the RoundAbout panel explores a quick and dirty way to convert your Toyota Prius into a wintertime workhorse.  A Japanese inventor has created an unbelievably detailed transforming model car that has to be seen to be believed -- so hear all about it, next.  And our panelists square off in another round of A CAR BY ANY OTHER NAME, and you, our loyal audience, gets to decide who wins and who loses. 

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Featuring: Jason White, Christiaan Conover, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes

Japanese man makes the best Transformers model we've ever seen
As a youth, I had all the Hasbro Transformer toys. And I got a lot of enjoyment from seeing how the actual transformations took place. The Michael Bay films, on the other hand, would rather bombard you with visual confusion than go to the trouble to figure all that technical stuff out.  And that’s why this remote control Transformer, made by a Japanese man, is so cool.  With 22 servos, this model not only transforms on its own, but can also throw punches and do the jig!  I’m assuming that this one is an Autobot, since it is red. Decepticons are typically purple or green in color if I remember correctly. Also, they prefer to do the Charleston...

Ferrari dealership in trouble for burning rubber on the Great Wall of China
Given China’s capitalist explosion, it’s only natural Ferrari would want a piece of the wealth.  To commemorate 2012 as the Year of the Dragon, Ferrari built a custom 458 Italia and rented out a section of the Great Wall of China.  All was going fine until a dealership employee jumped into the car and did donuts on the top of the wall.  Authorities were furious, and while it’s unclear exactly what will happen to wannabe NASCAR race winner, something tells me he won’t be doing any driving (or walking) any time soon.

Meanwhile in Russia, Workers Try to Remove Zebra Stripes on Crosswalk
Ah, the Russians.  America’s cold-war adversaries always seem to do things just a little bit differently.  Case in point, this story we found on  To be fair, we have no idea what’s actually going on here, and unless you can read the Cyrillic alphabet your guess is as good as ours.  This brief video depicts a group of eight or 10 men armed with hatchets chipping away at the zebra stripes of a pedestrian crosswalk!  Perhaps they can’t afford a good solvent to wash them away, or maybe a couple gallons of black paint to cover the offending stripes is just too expensive.  I don’t know.  It is possible we’re watching a modern-day Slavic chain gang in action.  Who knows?  Do you?

Expensive takeout: Chicken-munching Ottawa driver faces careless driving charge
Here’s a guy who’s definitely not down with OPP.  An Ottawa man, who was apparently in quite a rush, was fined $490 by the Ontario Provincial Police for eating rotisserie chicken while using his knees to steer his car down the highway.  The OPP said the man swerved out of his lane a few times, followed another car too closely and changed lanes without signalling.  We put in a call to Ripley’s to see if this is, in fact, the most expensive carryout run ever. Still waiting to hear back.  

Horrible Parents Drive With Their Four Kids Strapped to the Car
Just when you thought there was a shortage of stupid people on the roads, Indiana has cooked up another batch.  A concerned citizen spotted a mother and father tying their kids to the hood of their car, and then heading out for a drive.  Said concerned citizen immediately called the police, who tracked down the covered-in-children wagon put a stop to the shenanigans before injury ensued.  When asked just what the hell they were thinking, the moron couple said they did it because the kids said “it sounded like fun.”  Congratulations Indiana, you’ve provided this week’s World’s Worst Parents on Hweels!

Nordic Auto Plow - Your Driveway. Your Car. Your Plow
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  Step right up, don’t be timorous!  I am happy to be the first to introduce you to the greatest product you never knew you couldn’t live without!  That’s right, I’m talking about winter!  The coldest season this side of Independance Day can wreak havoc.  But have we got a product for you -- a solution to your biggest problems.  It would end global warming, save the whales and cure cancer if it only had arms, but it doesn’t so you’ll have to settle with an eight-hour nap.  That’s right, I’m talking about the Nordic Auto Plow -- now available, and just in time for summer!  Sstrap this plastic honey to the bumper of your auto-mo-bile and you can clear a path like a Soviet icebreaker.  Turn practically any vehicle into a Jack Frost destroyer -- even a Prius!  That’s right, now you can put an end to peksy pileups and plow your own snow!  Best of all the whole kit-n-kabodle can be yours for just 47 easy-flex payments of just $14.66!  Order NOW!  And if you call in the next 15 minutes you’ll even get FREE SHIPPING!  Operators are standing, and laying by based on their health condition  . . .



Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Most Incongruous Car to Feature a Design House Body?

Jason’s picks:

Rolls Royce Camargue by Pininfarina

Eagle Premier by Giugiaro

Cadillac Allante by Pininfarina



Vehicle No. 1

Vehicle No. 2
Orpah WindFree LT

Vehicle No. 3
The Kirkpatrick Elite

Vehicle No. 4
POPPYCOCK, Corp.-Co., Inc.

Vehicle No. 5
Babyscraps, Red Baron CorporatioN


RoundAbout Episode 128

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