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RoAb #127 - What the Gluck?

Free smells, coming to a used car near you!  Maybe . . . well, only if you live in Spain.  One company has devised a killer way to convert pickup trucks into tanks.  And what have our panelists been driving lately?  Find out when we take a peek IN THE GARAGE.

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Featuring: Jeff Glucker, Eric Trytko, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes

Track N Go treads dangerously close to awesome
Perhaps you’ve seen the conversions that allow you to replace the wheels and tires on your car with tracks, so that you have a tank like set up on each wheel.  It works well in areas that are very muddy or rugged terrain.  Set ups like these are very popular in areas with large surface mining operations or in Ski resort areas.

The issue with these setups is that while not permanant, it’s not very easy to switch out if you wanted to go back to a standard setup.  With this new innovation from AD Boivin, that may all end.  Now rather than having to take off the wheels and tires and bolt tracks to the hubs, you simply drive onto the tracks, and the wheels drive the tracks.

While still in the prototype stage, AD Boivin is looking to move them into production quickly in which time they will be made available for the full size trucks from the big 2.5.

Greatest Craigslist ad of all time

Yes, That's A MiG Fighter Jet Driving Down A Busy Street
Cars are for roads, boats do the water thing and planes rule the sky, it’s just the way God intended.  But this next article is something you DO NOT see everyday, and we found it on Jalopnik.  To promote last year’s Slovak International Airshow . . . in . . . Slovakia, event planners parked a Russian MiG-29 fighter at a local mall.  That would get my attention.  But you simply cannot land a high-performance jet-powered fighter in front of a Macy’s, especially one that’s been decommissioned.  So how do you get an un-flyable aircraft into an urban area?  Well, you tow it.  And that’s just what they did.  The photo accompanying the article makes it look like the plane is taxiing through downtown Bratislava.  The tow vehicle is invisible from the angle the picture was taken.  Check it all out at

Cricket Trailer: "The covered wagon for the new frontier"
There is a certain segment of the population that likes to get away from it all, be it families, outdoor adventurer types, or people who just like to explore, having an RV, or popup trailer is nice to have so that you can rest where you want to.  With the downsizing of America’s car fleet, RV makers are starting to look at smaller and lighter solutions that can be towed behind smaller cars and crossovers.

The Cricket was designed by a former NASA engineer who designed living modules for the International Space Station!  What he came up with is a  simple, lightweight, flexible outdoor living space that only weighs 1,300 pounds (just under 600 kilos).  It can sleep two adutls in comfort

Ford Explorer Backs Into Brand New, Hand-Built Sports Car

Ford of Spain Comes up with an Aroma that Supposedly Makes Used Cars Smell Like New Cars
The alluring aroma of a new car.  It’s an olfactory cocktail of volatile organic compounds and other aromatic carcinogens.  But as time marches on these pleasant odors starts to fade; stanky fast-food wrappers, mildew in the carpet padding and jockstrap from the gym bag out back start to take control, and the overall aroma becomes decidedly second hand.  But Ford is taking this issue seriously, after all, used-car buyers deserve the same fragrance experiences new-vehicle owners enjoy, right?  Right!  The company’s operation in Spain has concocted a unique way of making pre-owned vehicles smell like their factory-fresh brethren.  They’ve created a perfume of sorts and it’s playing a central part in a new marketing campaign for its certified-used program.  Clever!  Check out the video, which, curiously, is in English.

It looks like it would smell great, but I just can’t put my finger on why I wouldn’t want this.  The idea leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Does that sound unreasonable to you?


14-piece bundle of universal styli . . . stylises. . . for touch-enabled devices


The Ten Worst Products You Can Buy At An Auto Parts Store



Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited

2013 VW Beetle

2012 Buick Verano



Aftermarket computer programs for more power and better fuel economy


RoundAbout Episode 127

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