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RoAb #125 - Runs Good, Dumps Better

This week the RoAb panelists show you the latest and greatest way to transport your pets in style and safety.  One teenage pop star dips his whip in chrome -- get the download, next.  And we play another round of the internet’s most exciting podcast game of fantastic prizes, THE PRICE IS CORRECT!

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Featuring: Jeff Ross, Michelle Naranjo, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes


Mythbusters tests the square wheel theory
It may be the answer to the question that no one really asks but the Mythbuster gang set out to find out why a car doesn’t have square wheels - and no, we don’t mean the square wheel wells found on every GM truck. After constructing square rims, tires were stretched onto the frames and viola, square wheels! What I didn’t predict was that instead of landing on the flat sides, the cloaked F-150 bounced from corner to corner as they built speed. Not only did this blow through the rubber corners quickly but turning caused one wheel to sheer off the bolts. Other than it never made sense, we now know why we don’t have square wheels.

Custom Cadillac baby stroller leaves us feeling cheated about our childhoods
As a kid, I always remember being pulled around the zoo by my parents in a Red Flyer wagon, but as evident by this video on Autoblog, I obviously wasn't cool enough. Likely the offspring of a California resident, because only someone out there could come up with something this extremely badass, the toddler shown is pushed around what appears to be a car show in a scaled-down Cadillac decked out with tail fins, white wall tires, underbody lighting and even flame-thrower exhaust! To make the ride even cooler for this little head-bobbing tike, the interior of the car is even equipped with a skull-head shifter. My favorite part of the whole video is around the four second mark where the kid stares at the video camera with a "my-dad-definitely-kicks-your-dad's-ass" look on his face!

Why Your Dog Is Probably Glad Running Boards Are Dead
It always bothers me when I see someone transporting a dog in the back of their pickup truck.  I’m always worried the lil’ pup will jump out of the bed and into oncoming traffic.  Also, the ride is very windy and uncomfortable for the animal as they can slide around quite easily.  Well, our forebears in the 1930s came up with a solution to this doggone problem and it comes in the form of several restraints that actually mount to the running boards of period cars!  That’s right, you can keep Fido safe and secure in a cage yet OUTSIDE your depression-era vehicle!  What could be better?  An even more ludicrous restraint consists of a canvas bag with a hole in it for the dog’s head.  The rest of the contraption clamps to the running boards while hooks support the top through an open back window. Trust me, it looks every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.

Justin Bieber chromes his Fisker Karma
Chick-fil-A, the official chicken joint for non-caring, non-liberal automotive journalists, was a stop for the ultra-cool Justin Bieber recently in his chromed out Fisker Karma. This baby is just begging for some rainbow wheels and a unicorn horn. Let’s have a free-for-all and rag on this guy starting NOW!

Lotus Just Turned A Joke Into A PR Disaster On Facebook
We have all seen some sort of mental breakdown displayed on Facebook, haven't we? Well, Lotus seems to be one of the first automakers to have an embarrassing social media meltdown with a press release it issued this week. In an attempt to combat what it calls false rumors, Lotus does a horrible job assuring people on this company's future with a point-by-point rant that comes off sounding like one of the many "why won't you date me" emails Craig sends out each week. But in all seriousness, the five rumors Lotus look to dispel vary from personnel changes such as the CEO is no longer in place to racing where the company seemingly backed out of F1 due to lack of funding. Regardless of how many of these so-called rumors are or aren't true might not really matter in the end anyway since the rant has probably created more negative press for Lotus in the last 48 hours than all of the other matters combined.

This May Be The Worst Way To Transport Something Fragile
In keeping with my theme of hanging things from the outside of vehicles, this next story takes the cake. One eagle-eyed Jalopnik reader spotted this little gem on the highway outside Portland, Oregon.. Apparently a fox-body Mustang owner had to transport something quite delicate.  The long, pipe-shaped object was even labeled with a warning placard prominently proclaiming “Fragile.”  What makes this ridiculous is the fact that the idiot driver strapped the sewer drain -shaped thing to the passenger-side of the car!  The so-called fragile object was completely exposed to other traffic. Wouldn’t the roof be a better place for such a thing?  Or, how about INSIDE THE CAR?  Perhaps, but here’s what makes this so funny.  The object was tied to the ‘Stang with SWEATSHIRTS held in place by the closed trunklid and hood!  W.O.W.


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RoundAbout Episode 125

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