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RoAb #117 - Connectacadian

Coming up on RoundAbout . . . there’s another bulk food disaster in the news and YOU need to know about it to keep your family safe. We have an exciting update from the roads of Russia and we’ll get to another heated installment of VERSUS where one panelist verbally accosts the other in a high-flying automotive debate.  Stay tuned!

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Featuring: Dave Foley (@Miradart), Josh Lewis, Craig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes

What Car Would You Convert To Rear-Wheel Drive?
Here’s an irrelevant but intriguing question: what car would you make rear-wheel drive?  Which vehicles out on the road today are screaming for a proper drivetrain layout?  The folks at Autoholics posed this question to their readers and the results were a little bit predictable.  Let’s see if we can do better

Craig: E46 BMW 3 Series
Ben: Chevrolet Venture Warner Brothers Edtition
Dave: Gen 2 Ford Probe powered by 300hp Focus RS engine
Josh: Audi RS5/Mazdaspeed3

Riddle Me This?
This is a trip into the land of the hypothetical.  Lets say that you are looking for an Oldsmobile Alero and you are very interested in making it stand out in a crowd.   The upside is that this vehicle did sell very well so the supply of them is quite plentiful.  The downside is your budget doesn’t allow you to have custom body work installed to spruce it up so you are stuck for a means to show your personalization.

As luck would have it, this Alero turns up near to you with a For Sale sign on it.  It has everything you are looking for, and more.  It not only is the RIGHT car, it comes complete with an already custom painted mural on the hood of YOUR favorite Batman series character, The Riddler!

(show car picture here)

With it’s green and black hood emblazoned with a very muscular and sinister looking Riddler figure, it also shows no less than 32 question marks in shades of green, black ,white, and grey.

This is the perfect vehicle for people that want a distinctive Oldsmobile Alero, with a comic book character mural, or people that are simply a fan of punctuation.   After all, isn’t punctuation the real thing that cars of today are lacking?

News From Russian Roads
Ever wonder what Russian cars look like after being driven on Russian roads by those pesky Ruskies? Yeah, me neither. Although, it should be said that the cars in the sets of pictures from News from Russian Roads on, sets a fine example of what I think we’ve all probably feared: Russian roads, drivers and cars are just giant piles of donkey crap. There’s a Mitsubishi Lancer that’s missing a chunk from its front end, a LADA Kalina that appears to have been beaten in the back with a pole... and a public bus with snow and ice all on the inside, with people still riding in it. This is, what I’d call, a nation full of pimps. Hardcore pimps.

Troy pickle maker snaps up Detroit auto site
Just a few years ago the auto industry was in quite a pickle, so to speak.  The Detroit area was particularly hard-hit by the Grand Recessing (REGISTERED TRADE MARK).  Plants were shuttered and workers layedoff by the tens of hundreds of dozens.  Hard times in Motown.  Thankfully, things are finally starting to come back again with auto production on the rise.  And one local company is expanding its manufacturing operations in South-Eastern Michigan.  But it’s not making bumpers, headlights or interior trim.  Surprisingly, its product is much more delicious.  The Detroit News reports a gourmet pickle maker is leasing a former American Axle facility to expand its growing business.  McClure’s Pickles just moved in to the 20,000 square-foot facility, which quadruples its manufacturing space.  

And here’s a fun factoid.  According to the article, Michigan is the top pickle-producing state in the country!  We make twice as many as second-place Florida.

Soviet cars that were modern once
To continue the Russian theme for my evening, I bring to you pictures of Russian cars from the Soviet era. From the same website, these pictures show cars, trucks, military vehicles and even a couple of open wheel racers. Most cars look like they could be driven, and most appear to be restored, as well. However, would you want to drive a Russian car that was more than a few days old? How about a car that was actually built IN Mother Russia? Yeah, definitely not. My expectations would be way too high for that goodness... Now sure my bowels could handle it.

For Sale: 1977 Woodgas Range Rover Vogue
Would you like to have a vehicle that doesn’t use gasoline? Would you prefer that it not run on diesel?  Would you just hate it more if it ran on Electricity?  Then this person has the solution for you, and for the low low price of 4500 euro’s.  Would you buy a vehicle that is Wood powered?

This unit started out life as a 3.5 l powered Range Rover SUV.  After several miles of  use and abuse the owner decided to change it’s fuel needs, by in a way, going old school.

Mounted on the back of the unit has 2 stainless steel tanks, that frankly remind me of some sort of still, for making moonshine.  The larger of the two tanks is where the wood is placed for burning, and the other is a sort of condenser tank where gasses from the wood combustion are sent, and with a bit of magic, and hocus pocus, a condensate is collected which is flammable enough to power the SUV.

If you were interested in something like this, it’s important to know that it doesn’t get that good of mileage.  According to the article, to drive a distance of only 100 km (62 miles), you need to finely chop between 150-200 litres of wood. That’s 39 ½ - 52.6 US Gallons of wood.  Hope you have a sharp axe and lots of spare time

The upside of this contraption is that with its top speed of only 80- 90 kph (55 mph) it should be easy catch this guy on the road if you have any questions for him.

Oh, and the 4500 euros includes a Non wood powered Range Rover for spares.

Sauerkraut Frozen To Road Shuts Down German Autobahn
If you’ve been listening to RoundAbout for any length of time you know I have a thing for bulk food disasters.  What do I mean?  Well, what’s more fun than the massive blue-cheese dressing spill in California a few years ago?  What about the epic vat of animal fat that burst last year?  Makes me chuckle.  But perhaps the most significant bulk-food catastrophe of all time is the aptly named Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919.  Ben, were you there?  21 people perished and more than a buck-fifty were injured. Anyway, we’ve got another food-related mess to share today, and it comes courtesy of Jalopnik.  A section of German Autobahn was shut down because a mountain of organic sauerkraut froze to the road!  Talk about a trifecta of stereotypes!  How did it happen?  Well, an Audi driver somehow got between two trucks and a crash was the result.  The mess happened near Frankfurt . . . which one, I’m not sure.  The frozen kraut closed the highway for hours and will cost an estimated $133,000 to clean up!!!

It’s halftime on Roundabout

Both Craig and Ben are at the controls readying the content for the second half of the show.  It’s half time in America too.

People are out of work and they’re hurting, and they’re all wondering what they are going to do to be entertained, because being out of work is a real bummer.

We’re all scared because this isn’t a game. It’s an automotive show that could go off the rails at any minute.  The people of Roundabout know something about this. They’ve been off the rails several times before, but they survived, and that’s why we like them

This show can’t be knocked down with one punch.  Some of us would be, but if that happened, we’d just pick up Craig’s head and put it right back on his shoulders and we’d carry on.  After all we believe in “No Man Left Behind”.  No matter how many pieces he’s in.

It’s Teamwork that will get us through this show,

Yea.  It’s halftime America, and with your permission Roundabout’s second half is about to begin.

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Chicago Auto Show Wrap-Up

2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible

1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R

2013 Hyundai Elantra GT

Kia Track'ster Concept

2013 GMC Acadia

2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe


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Con -- Dave

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Con -- Dave


RoundAbout Episode 117

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You used a character from Pee Wee's Playhouse. I am beyond pleased with this.

February 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRoabmrstewart

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