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RoAb #115 - The Germans Are Overhead

Coming up on RoundAbout . . . super heroes are real and we’ve got proof!  Brace yourself for another death-defying HIGHWAY HEARSAY.  What have we spotted on the roads now?  And buckle up because THE PRICE IS CORRECT is primed, ready and coming your way!  Add it all up and this is a show you simply can’t afford to miss!

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Featuring: Jeff Gilbert, Jeffrey Ross, Michelle NaranjoCraig Cole and Ben Sanders

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Show Notes

2013 Ford Escape configurator powers up, prices subject to change

Chevy stretched Sonic sedan because it looked funny
It almost isn’t a compact! Turns out that the Chevy Sonic sedan is a full 14.1” longer than it’s fraternal/maternal/paternal hatchback twin. This means that the Sonic sedan has just a wee bit less cargo space than the much larger Cruze. Why’d Chevy do it, you ask? It looked too stubby if it was shorter. Question is, does it weigh less or does it get different estimated MPGs in action than the hatch? Better question, is “stumpy” a sensitive adjective?

This Man Is On His Way To Save The World
Over the years we’ve shared more than a few stories of crazy people and vehicles here on RoundAbout.  Remember that charming Florida woman who thought it was a good idea to “spruce up” her downtown while driving?  Or the redneck that tried to jump his pickup monster-truck style over homemade dirt ramps?  Yeah, that one worked out REALLY well.  This week we bring you another gem, courtesy of Jalopnik.  A motorist in Washington State snapped a picture of something absolutely earth shattering.  No, it wasn’t a Sasquatch, though it may as well have been.  As the driver in question inched along the highway during a vicious snow storm some guy on an electric mobility scooter went trundling on past (pause)-- plowing through the accumulation at a scorching four miles an hour!  Did I mention this was on the INTERSTATE?  As the article put it, the man in question is clearly on a mission to save the world, because what the heck else would be so important that you’d have to take your rascal out on the freeway . . . during a blizzard?  I salute you, good sir, and see?  I told you super heroes were real!

Top Fuel 4×4 Dragster Is An Abominable Snow Monster
Jalopnik is always good at proving that you can race anything anywhere, and in this article they have a video showing what is apparently a 4-wheel drive, top-fuel car powering its way up a snowy slope. While there aren't many details about the car, listening to its monstrous V-8 rev as its rear paddle tires shoot up rooostertails of snow is a thing of beauty. For the real action, you'll want to skip the first 51 seconds of the video, but after that the car makes a couple passes up the mountain. Personally, I don't think I'll ever look at a ski slope the same again.

What’s The Worst Piece of Car-Buying Advice You’ve Ever Received?   
The Hoons asked their readers what the worst piece of car-buying advice they ever received and I don’t see anyone actually recieving advice which indicates to me that, as Hoons, they are incapable of hearing or asking advice by nature and that is what makes them special. Awwwwww, HOOOOOONS!   

$1.4 Million Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe gets Soaked in Australia
Wow, just wow.  That’s the only way to describe this one. . . . . . . . . You know, people are generally pretty protective of their valuables -- as they should be.  Well, someone needs to tell that to one Rolls-Royce owner in Australia.  Carscoop reports the jackass in question left the top of their Phantom Drophead Coupe down DURING A RAINSTORM!  Needless to say, the car’s lavishly appointed interior was more waterlogged than the Costa Concordia.  Damage to the multi-hundred-thousand-dollar luxury barge is said to be in excess of 100,000 U.S. dollars!  You know, patent medicine may have turned out to be a load of BULLSHIT, but money -- cold, hard, cash --  is cure-all for everything, especially -- in this case -- stupidity.  

Classic American Muscle Cars Rotting Away in Japan
As often as I'm on Craigslist finding some timeless American muscle cars shamefully rusting away in a field or barn, this video I found on Youtube takes the cake. An Australian man, who is in Japan exploring castles, captured a truly sad sight during his adventures. What he uncovered was a chained-up lot in Kanuma City, Japan filled with Camaros, a Trans Am, Mustangs and Corvettes mostly from the '60s and '70s just rotting away. These abandoned muscle don't appear to have weathered the conditions too well, but I always hold a special place in my heart for late-'70s Trans Ams and a split-bumper "Camahro Zed28."

Ford scraps "Drive One" ad slogan in favor of "Go Further"


Highway HearSay

Michelle -- Troublesome Parking

Craig -- Lincoln LS disaster (LS stands for Lug nutS)


The Price is Correct

Pick #1

Gilbert -- $550

Michelle -- $7,845

Craig -- $5,700 AU

Pick #2

Michelle -- $11,000

Gilbert -- $6,500

Craig -- $14,275

Pick #3

Craig -- $14,275

Michelle -- $15,000

Gilbert -- $20,000 rubles/$8,000



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