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RoAb #26 - The 'More is Less' Episode

The Geneva Motor Show reminded us that just as "less is more," the inverse is just as, if not more true: more is definitely less. Aston Martin takes a tiny Toyota iQ and decks it out in full luxury garb and yet: somehow worse. Mansory adheres flashy pieces of golden chrome to a blue Rolls-Royce and creates a monstrosity. And the Sbarro Autobau is an abomination worse than Pontiac could have ever dreamed. Plus researchers come up with an ingenious solution to identifying potholes as asphalt disintegrates in our Blind Spot, and our Stupid Car Trick is a vomit-inducing exercise as a 15-year-old gets a brand new Camaro SS.

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Colin Bird, Zach Bowman, Dali Dimovski, Eric Trytko

Show Notes and Ustream video recording after the jump!

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Show Notes:

Aston Martin Cygnet

Mansory Rolls-Royce

Hispano Suiza

Hyundai iFlow

Bufori Geneva

Sbarro Autobau

Blind Spot: High-visibility pot holes

In the Garage: Cadillac CTS Wagon

Stupid Car Trick: 15-Year-Old Gets a Camaro SS

RoundAbout Episode 26

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