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RoAb #1 - The 'Better Driving Through Technology' Episode

 The gang's all here (fine, mostly here) for our inaugural episode of RoundAbout. This week with the Frankfurt Auto Show on the horizon and with an eye toward more enlightening things to come we bring you the 'Better Driving Through Technology' episode. Come economic meltdown, come animal-borne plague, come celebrity deaths, despite it all, technology never only sometimes fails us.

On today's show we have a car that looks like the successor to the storied EV-1, the auto industry's answer to Velcro and roadways that will solve the energy crisis. Plus, our features this week: In the Garage with the Ford Raptor, a supercar AutoGadget that only a supertool could love, the Blind Spot story of the week and more!

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Show notes with links, plus the live Ustream version after the jump!

RoundAbout records LIVE on Sundays at 3PM ET/12PM PT. Visit and click Watch Live to watch our screencast and listen in on all the antics.

Show Notes:

Metaklett: Automotive fastener of the future.

VW's 1-Liter Concept goes 100 km on 1-liter(ish) of fuel.

Roads that solve the energy crisis though solar power and kinetic energy.

With new technology comes a major design flaw or is it?

Blind Spot Story of the Week: Libya's dear dictator invents the "safest car produced anywhere."

In the Garage: The 2010 Ford SVT Raptor and the 2009 BMW 750i.

AutoGadget: The USB drive for the tool with supercar tastes (and wallet).

Stupid Car Tricks: Tom Green and Steve O go Jackass on a Lambo.

Ustream screencast version as recorded live

RoundAbout Episode 1

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Reader Comments (1)

The beginning of RoundAbout. The Internet gave birth to a show unique, original, something, on September 15th, 2009. I can still smell the afterbirth...

January 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRich Henion

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