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RoAb #12 - The 'Leftovers' Episode

Every week like crazed amazons, we storm the mall of the internet, battling killer crowds in search of the best Black Friday deals, and if Montgomery Ward sells out of seven-dollar toasters, well, we settle for a cohesive, Zen-like theme instead -- and a pretzel from the food court. During the siege we uncover an array of different stories and news bites that fit our theme, however useless or misfitting they may be. And whatever's leftover, well, we buy it anyway, because if we didn't, we'd miss out on the savings.

Don't know about you, but even though we've still got a tryptophan hangover we're really starting to eye those leftover mashed potatoes and turkey. So belly up to the table in your bathrobe and get some automotive leftovers with your favorite RoundAbout crew.

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Zach Bowman, Jeffrey Ross, and Eric Trytko

Show notes with links after the jump!

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Show Notes:

Aptera delayed

Bugatti Veyron/Ferrari Enzo owner

Chevy Celebrity Euro Sport

GM lost $5K on every Saab sold

Russian Flying Fortress

RoundAbout Episode 12

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