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RoAb #6 - The 'It' Episode

This week's episode ... so very NSFW. Let us get that out of the way right off the bat. Also the first episode where almost all of us were in the same place, in fact the first episode where any two of us were in the same place, so "woo-hoo" for that--but also the crux of our problem. This week's episode was intended to be couched in delicately-crafted inneundo. Turns out, though, that when you get five guys in the same building, testosterone, and thus fart-joke mentality, trumps all. Sorry Miss Motor Mouth, but Skype doesn't transmit estrogen.

And so, we look at the automotive side of "It." Russia's answer to Hummer has, among other niceties, upholstery from the, well, most delicate part of a whale. As the automotive workforce succumbs to the economic downturn, what's a GM engineer to do? Just ask George Clooney. But ladies, don't think we've left you out because you know that everyone loves a new set of Tatas. Plus, our features this week: In the Garage with a BMW X5 diesel, another Psy-car-logy as we ask the panel what their cars say about them, the Blind Spot story of the week and more!

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Show notes with links, plus the live Ustream version after the jump!

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Show Notes:

A salty speedster that looks a little too ...

Russian SUV with "premium" leather upholstery.

Introducing the Tata Manza.

Toyota marketing gets a little too real as a fictional character turns stalker looking for "it."

What's a former engineer to do? This.

Blind Spot Story of the Week: One little boy goes for the joyride of his life.

In the Garage: The BMW X5 Diesel and Toyota Prius.

Psy-car-logy: What does your car say about you?

Ustream screencast version as recorded live


RoundAbout Episode 6

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